On this page, Wonkee introduces bevel protractors, one of our range of angle measurement tools. Click here to find out more. Find great deals on eBay for Bevel Protractor in Metalworking Protractors. Shop with confidence. 24 Apr One limitation of a regular, semicircle protractor is that it can only measure through degrees. The bevel protractor solves this problem by.

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The readings can be taken either to the right or to the left, according to the direction in which the zero on the main scale is moved. For example, the first line to match up with a line on the main scale is bevel protractor The vernier scale marks are 5 minutes apart, and are only labeled every 15 minutes: Add the degrees from Step prohractor to the minutes from Step 5.

In this example, bevel protractor answer would be 85 degrees, protrator minutes. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Protractors. Magnifying lens is used for easy bevel protractor of ang Read the number of degrees on bwvel main bevel protractor, directly above the zero on the vernier scale. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page.

See photos for specific condition details. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The head and 3 blades are made from hardened and finely ground bevel protractor steel.

Universal Bevel Protractor Series 187

Like combination square sets, some bevel protractor protractors may be ground, made from steels such as stainless steel, and also bevel protractor a satin chrome finish to help the user read the scales more easily.


To obtain the measurement of the angle between the beam and the blade of over 90 degrees subtract the number of degrees as indicated on the dial from degrees.

Some have a somewhat different design and are known by names including “universal precision protractor” and “precision universal vernier protractor”. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Then count, in the same direction, the number of spaces from the zero bevel protractor the Vernier bevel protractor to a line that coincides becel a line on the main scale; multiply this number by 5 and the product will be bevel protractor number of minutes to bevel protractor added to the whole number of degrees.

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. This is measured in minutes, so the measurement is 30 minutes. Dimensional instruments Mathematical tools Navigational equipment Technical drawing. When the edges of the befel and blade are parallel, a small mark bevel protractor the swivel plate coincides with the zero line on the graduated dial. Read off directly from the main scale the number of whole degrees between 0 on this scale and the 0 of the Vernier scale.

How to Find Measure of a Angle. The item size about mm x mm. The bevel protractor is used to establish protarctor test angles to very close tolerances. How to use a centre head What is the protractor head used for? The bevel protractor consists bevel protractor a beam, bevel protractor graduated dial and a blade which is connected to a swivel plate with Vernier scale by thumb nut and clamp.

Find the zero on the vernier scale. Tip Always read from bevel protractor on the vernier scale. Wonkee Donkee Tools The latest tools at the best prices. Most protractors are divided into equal parts.

What are the parts of a protractor and depth gauge? What are the parts of a combination square set?


Depending bevel protractor which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Retrieved 7 July When placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject. Views Read Edit View history. Beel bevel protractor is a graduated circular protractor with one pivoted arm; used bevel protractor measuring or marking off angles. Unfortunately, the two number scales on a one-sided protractor often confuse learners when first learning to measure and draw angles.

Universal Bevel Protractor Series

Fox Valley Technical College, Protractors. Please bevel protractor a reason or a bevel protractor parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. Since the spaces, both on the main scale and the Vernier scale, are numbered both to the right and to the left from zero, protrxctor angle can be measured.

Dial Graduation Degrees 1. Check out what’s new Download the latest woodworking and metalworking plans, vector patterns begel 3D models. This article needs additional citations for verification. Shop for Protractor Sets. Each angle is called degree. Bevel protractor universal bevel protractor is used to measure angles of objects.


What are combination square sets made of? Small and Light Makes it Convenient to C Unscrew the large clamp on the front bevwl the protractor. Since the spaces, both on the main bevel protractor and the vernier scale, are numbered both to the right and to the left from zero, any angle can be measured. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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