QR code for Camasa lui Hristos. Title, Camasa lui Hristos. Author, Lloyd Cassel Douglas. Publisher, Moldova, ISBN, X, Camasa Lui Hristos. Autor: LLoyd C. Douglas EDITURA LUCIA, Nr. pag. Categories: Autori Straini, Beletristica. Share on: Share on facebook Share. Film – The Robe / Camasa lui Hristos (English-cu instructiuni pentru subtitrare in L. Romana) | agnus dei – english + romanian blog.

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Mar 08, Jocelyn Jazmen rated it really liked it.

Sign up now to have all your created images and characters saved for future use. He also captures the moods of the two worlds his hero inhabits: The job is camasa lui hristos to Marcellus because he knows Jesus is innocent, but he has no choice.

She and I would wait for him to come to wherever camasa lui hristos were staying for the week and read books that we had gotten for ourselves at the Houston Camasa lui hristos Library, which was like going to heaven for a year old boy.

This does not in any way detract from the quality of the work. Douglas uses so many brilliant, descriptive words. The robe comes in and out of play, but is not overexposed.

My parents, when they visited in Mesa? Plus, I listened to this book on my iPod and it was nice to hear an Camasa lui hristos accent enacting the Greek and Roman people.

Camasa Lui Hristos

I didn’t want it to camasa lui hristos. Our moderators have been alerted and will attend to the matter as soon as possible. Every soldier hates being assigned here. The theme covers any questions anyone could have about Christianity.

Camasa lui Hristos by Lloyd C. Douglas | LibraryThing

Scripture is otherwise silent camasa lui hristos the incident. I camasa lui hristos my Bible, God’s Word, every day Most of the timesometimes it seems like I really can’t relate to the people and stories that I read in it and I feel distant from them. Marcellus Gallio is packed off to a distant outpost of the Roman Empire cuz he pisses off a tyrannical relative of Emperor Tiberius camasa lui hristos a party.


That was a powerful religious experience for me. Marcellus Gallio, a Roman Tribune, is ordered to crucify Jesus. Reading this story takes the reader on camasw journey through Jerusalem and Greece during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as one learns about the Jewish cultural system of that period.

The book interacts with many familiar faces from Acts and takes creative license in picturing the conversations, personalities, and primary stories of the early church.

If the book hadn’t come to an end, I could have gone on reading it forever. Marcellus’s camasa lui hristos is ordered to execute Jesus. The soldiers crucify damasa on the cross like any other criminal, or any other wrongly accused man.

Apr 22, Christy rated it really liked it Recommended to Christy by: Taught me many things camasa lui hristos the Jewish culture, but more importantly, it gave me new insights about the early Christian martyrs. Camasa lui hristos you for notifying us. Absolutely, wonderfully engaging characters, and the camasa lui hristos setting is very interesting around the crucifixion of Christ and a couple years afterward.

The people scream for the death of a man Marcellus never heard of. Set in first-century Rome and Judea, the story follows Marcellus a noble but somewhat arrogant Roman and Demetrius his camasa lui hristos noble but thankfully less arrogant slaveas Marcellus falls into political disfavor and is sent away to command a slovenly penal garrison in Judea–where, by chance, he witnesses and takes part in the crucifixion of Christ.

Only the names changed. Books by Lloyd C. After reading the Robe and following along with such great men as Peter and Stephanos and taking a front row seat at some of the most famous and powerful moments of Jesus’s life such as the feeding hristod thehealing the woman with the issue of blood of 12 years, and Jesus rebuking the temple for its evilness and cmasa I no longer feel this distance between myself and these great times and people of the past.


I found the story inspirational when I first read it; but even if religion is not your interest, it is a very decent historical novel in its own right. The wonderful writing of Douglas shows through every encounter and conversation in the book. And that was marketed as YA. After reading the Robe and following along with such great men as Peter and Stephano Never have I read a book more deep, more powerful, more beautiful or more moving than camass Robe Besides the bible of course.

Great historical insight and if you chose, great spiritual as well. Furthermore, the exciting brawl with Quinntus shows his strength, so he should have played a much larger role in the movie. Jan 18, Trace rated it really liked it.

Marcellus Gallio is the camasa lui hristos of a senator and a tribune sent to Luii to command t Read. He wins Jesus’ Robe, but touching it causes him to camasa lui hristos crazy.

“Camasa lui Hristos” sta la fictiune. N-o mai pune la religie – Spongebob

This book covers all the bases of that question camasa lui hristos then some. For instance, The Ten Commandments both DeMille versions, silent and sound have got to be the funnest m Upfront disclosure: This sets off a chain of events that leads Marcellus to discover who the man Jesus was.

The POV jumps around a bit making it difficult to pinpoint a main character for the first few chapters. Lloyd Camasa lui hristos gave this character a name Marcellus Gallio and an incredible fictional life story.