Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice The Official Strategy Guide * Platform: PlayStation3Trying to be a hero? Get some home schooling! Score the official strategy. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 9 FAQs ( game You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. For Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice on the PlayStation 3, Your knowledge and insight has been extremely useful in piecing together my strategies. I would also like to thank the writers of the various official published guides.

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After you are ready, either send in a sacrifice or your strongest characters to soak in the first couple hits. While in theory this sounds cool, this gets extremely tedious if you are passing a lot of topics.

If you leveled Mao, you also have the option to bolster your team by capturing some strong enemies at this point. If you have strong characters that can one hit enemies this level will be quite easy. Best of luck and thanks for reading! You may not dupe for 10 kills, 20 kills, etc. End your turn so the enemies will rush you giving you better positioning. The Bird’s area attack is very strong and will likely kill anyone that it hits, so make sure you have a massive chain attack lined up when you approach it.

Do the swap quickly as more guys will rush to attack you and you want them all to get damaged by the geos if possible. In each mission I provide a recommended level as guidance, this number signifies what I feel should be the average level of your top characters. However, other accessories do not have a R40 version so what you get is what you are stuck with.

If you want the treasure make sure you get it before you kill all the enemies. Simply buff them up and send them through the three warp tiles. However, the ultimate goal is to have fun, so do whatever you want.

Kill the reverse-pirating bosses on floors 20, 40, 60, 80 and Seeing this from a distance, Almaz, a hero himself, misunderstands the situation and tries to save the day. In order to create a perfect weapon, you should always have all possible innocent slots filled with single stat specialists dual-specialists do nothing. Mop up then proceed to the next level, area attacks like Blade Rush work well here.


Acquiring Magichange Weapons The very top end Magichange weapons MCW are considered the strongest weapons in the game.

If you are not level you are going to have to have to reset a LOT to try to get red spheres while RPing, which is very frustrating. Subsequently, every turn more geos will blow up allowing you to kill the enemies on them.

You may want to make multiple Trapezohedrons to specialize in difference stats. While it doesn’t really matter who you level up, you want to power level a character with a good area attack to make the process quicker.

Pass the “Meet the Werid Costume Guy” mana topic to continue. There is a weird quirk in the game where the Guardian effect will only apply to items physically listed below the item it resides on.

If you don’t have enough mana you will have to go grind out some more. Remember to use your Managers. You can try to warp back to your home portal afterwards but the Archers will probably kill that character.

Disgaea 3 : The Official Strategy Guide by DoubleJump Books (2008, Paperback)

Some of the steps are probably interchangeable, but I believe the way I have it presented is the optimal method. Strongest Hallway Enemies: The animals will show up with Yellow bars but are aggressive against you.

As usual, try to hit multiple enemies at once to soften them up for next round. If they fell for the decoys you are short two characters but you will get another round full damage output. The general goal is to unlock the fourth tier Martial Artist.

Next, try to create some Dual-Specialists with your single innocents with Mediaters. The answer is of course the ultimate pirates. Defeat the heavy knights and buff up on the yellow platform. Attacks like Mao’s Vasa Aergun will be able to basically hit anything in the middle area no problem. If you want to play it safe you can just heal Beryl and her lackeys and they will take out most of the enemies. Lv Master Thief x5 This is a long battle since you need to do a ton of throwing.


Needs to be a super strong LoC captured monster Justicf rank 40 monster weapon Lv weapon mastery, Guardian, Lv25 Magichange Lover Perfect Trapezohedron x3 iustice dual-specialists All equipment matching rarity Second Evility slot is Violence learned from Majin In Shura Support Group at a desk adjacent to main character It really depends on which monster you captured, but for an example, one of my monsters have million HP, 95 million ATK and other stats abbsence averaged about 32 million.

As a practical guide: The rest of this battle is reasonably simple and I’m sure you can figure it out. As usual, try to flank the enemy to increase your accuracy rate.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Basically, unless you are trying to outfit an army with Traps or need hundreds if not thousands of innocents for Serums, this method is not recommended. Lv11 Alraune x2 Lv11 Matango x2 Lv11 Warcat x4 There are lots of ways to get rid of the geos, but I suggest throwing the Green geo by the single stack to combo it with the falling Blue geo.

Your first throw lands close to guiide Warslug 4 squaresthe second and third throws get your remaining 2 characters to the icicles by the Red geo, and your final throw puts your last character beside the geo itself. The hippos don’t move around so they are sitting ducks.

Absence of Justice cheats Disgaea 3: Have someone in the School Board Club so that you can change the teacher and put in Mr.