Figure 1 letratag labelmaker • Read online or download PDF • Dymo LetraTag LT H User Manual. The label maker uses. DYMO LetraTag (LT) 1/2 inch (12 mm) label cassettes. LT label cassettes. are available in a variety of colors and materials such as paper. Get Dymo LetraTag LTH Owner manual. Get all Dymo manuals!.

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Gustavo BazCol. To preview your label 1.

Agregar estilos de letra Puede elegir entre seis estilos de letra distintos: To insert the batteries 1. Use the up or down arrow keys dymo letratag lt-100h manual select Size and press. Remove the batteries if the label maker will not be used for a long Figure 2 period of time.


Previsualizar la etiqueta Puede previsualizar el texto o el formato de su etiqueta antes de imprimirla. Page 10 Changing the Font Size Five font sizes are available for your labels: However it just stopped working. Clean your labelmaker from time to time to keep it working properly. Page 15 Printing Options You can preview dymo letratag lt-100h manual label and adjust the printing contrast.


Dymo LetraTag Plus LT-100H User Manual

Use the arrow keys to move to the desired symbol. Num Lock The key provides access to the numbers located on the A through J keys.

Using Label Maker Memory The label maker has a powerful memory feature that allows you to store the text of up to nine labels you use frequently. Remove the batteries if the labelmaker will not be used for a long period of time.

Vea la Figura 2. dymo letratag lt-100h manual

Usar la memoria de la rotuladora La rotuladora dispone de una potente memoria que permite almacenar el texto de hasta nueve etiquetas de uso frecuente. We also welcome your suggestions about additional topics you would like to see dymo letratag lt-100h manual in the documentation. Remove the label cassette.

Remove the label cassette. Introducir el cartucho de cinta La rotuladora se suministra con un cartucho de etiquetas.

Dymo LT-100H Label Maker User Manual

Remove the cleaning tool from inside the label compartment cover. Use the up manuual down arrow keys to select the language you want and press. Page dymo letratag lt-100h manual Adding Box and Underline Styles You can highlight your text by choosing a box or underline style. Using Labelmaker Memory The labelmaker has a powerful memory feature that allows you to store the text of up to nine labels you use frequently.


Caring for Letrataf Labelmaker Your labelmaker is designed to give you long and trouble-free service, while requiring very little maintenance. By default, the language is set to English. Press and release the label cassette cover to open the label compartment.

Dymo LetraTag LTH : Owner manual

Para abrir el compartimiento para etiquetas, levante la tapa. Place the tip of a ball-point pen or pencil on the black post as shown in Figure 6, and press the post down. Select Borders, and press. Clean your label maker from time to time to keep it working properly. Clean the cutter blade each time you replace the label cassette. La cuchilla es extremadamente filosa. Seleccione Dymo letratag lt-100h manual y pulse 3.

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