care, which was guided by their linguistic skill and a deep familiarity with the Direct Path. Any errors or bloopers that remain are due to Greg. Greg Goode. 19 Jan “The direct path, the teaching first given by Shri Atmananda Krishna Written by leading non-duality author Greg Goode, After Awareness. 14 Nov Greg Goode is one of the best teachers of the extremely subtle and nuanced subject of non-duality. His main advantage is the wide base of.

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Are we both witnessing the same Eiffel Tower?

At times—especially towards the end of the book—Greg Goode speaks about his personal experiences in an unassuming, and quite encouraging manner.

What is ;ath direct experience of the subconscious? Greg Goode is one of the best teachers of the extremely subtle and nuanced subject of non-duality. Is witnessing happening there too?

A User Guide 4. Tony rated it really liked it May 21, Ernie February 15, at 8: This book is deeply experiential, not theoretical. There is lots of resting in pure, sweet, open awareness. This book could be the missing manual to the Direct Path and or the first time the Direct-Path thr is presented from beginning to end, in a user-friendly way.

Your direct experience is nothing other than awareness itself. For the first time in print, Direct-Path inquiry is presented from beginning to end and beyond, in a user-friendly way.

Fabrizio Alizzi rated it it was amazing Jun 18, As Zen likes to say, it is the most ordinary of things. His joyfully ironic deconstruction of language and the tendency of conceptual systems to assert a position of truth in opposition to other systems is most welcome, especially as we see so many expressions of modern non-duality becoming another inflexible system of thought. I initially found this book boring and irrelevant when I read it, but gfeg was only after I went deeper into non duality and Advaita did I realise that these concepts had built a solid base of knowledge that allowed me to gain a deeper experiential understanding of what was being taught.


Greg Goode: After Awareness – The End of the Path – Stillness Speaks

Or is Fred witnessing me? You are taken step by step from the simple perception of a physical object all the way to the collapse of the witness into pure consciousness. Fraley rated it liked it May 15, How to Navigate Anger Nirmala: Return to Book Page. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So there are lots of steps, guiding you to look here, examine there, etc.

Or am I witnessing Fred? So what is After Awareness about?

His authenticity is communicated through the words he writes, and makes you feel as if he is a friend guiding you through unchartered territory. I found myself doubting whether the simplicity of the logic really proved the great truths of non-duality.

This truly is a masterpiece and an invaluable aid, but it will only Brilliant look at non duality from another view point Greg exposes the unreality of the material and existent world through skill full techniques. Lists with This Book. Not everyone comes from the same place when it comes to non-duality.


Books by Greg Grge. Can you give me an example of one of the tricky issues?

Because emptiness is broadly defined lack of self, lack of essence, lack of inherent existence, there turn out to be many ways to realize emptiness. These and other significant themes are turned by Greg into fortunate opportunities for investigators and enjoyers of non-dual literature.

Greg Goode Direct Path Review

This is no prescriptive, step-by-step book: It is highly recommended. We will feature scholarly, experiential and popular approaches to the emptiness teachings, and we will honor the diversity gret traditions from which they flow. Army, and lived in Germany for a year during graduate school. His main advantage is the wide base of non-dual teachings he studied and practiced throughout his own personal journey — from Buddhism to Vedanta to Western philosophy, his unique perspective lends him the ability to combine elements from multiple paths and lay out the vision of non-duality in stunning clarity.

The core of the book is a set of forty experiments designed to help dissolve the most common non-dual sticking points from simple to subtle. February 14, at 4: Heart of Now Website.